Interabang Productions, Scene to Seen:

Scene to See

Acclaimed Scottish theatre and film Production company Interabang are celebrating a remarkable first year in the creative industry, a year that has seen them garner 4 and 5 stars for their innovative showcase of home grown talent through there hit production of self-written shows including “Being Liza” and “Toast” both of which have enjoyed revivals of there original productions at the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh.

To celebrate their 1st Anniversary the company will launch “Scene To Seen” – a digital series offering  new writing monologues and duologues, shot in isolation with signature high production quality and post-production editing. The Series will comprise  6 weekly videos, premiering on 2nd July 7PM LIVE on the companies Facebook @weareinterabang. Each video will be roughly 8-10 minutes long and will include captioning and one of the episodes will feature full BSL.

FiRST SCENE: PERMANENT SCAR by Rachel Flynn the  premiere video is a monologue called Permanent Scar written by Rachel Flynn, directed, and edited by Ryan Dewar and performed by River City’s Cameron Fulton. The company are exciting to showcase how scenes were filmed in nightclub cutaways during lockdown combined with Cameron’s storytelling.

The Series then continues for the following 6 weeks all Directed by Ryan Dewar and produced by Rachel Flynn. The company are aware of the plethora of free online theatre during the ongoing close down of the Theatre industry due to Covid and will be encouraging online donations via: And are determined to value the skill and hard work of our creatives by asking audiences to support artists with a financial contribution at a time which is particularly difficult for us all.

Once the series ends there are big plans in the pipeline for this innovative company including a return to the Theatre, this is a company to keep your eyes on, for now enjoy Scene to Seen!


Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @weareinterabang


Beyond Broadway: Broadway Bound Preview:

Beyond Broadway: Broadway Bound 

Beyond Broadway the Edinburgh based producer of large-scale musical theatre productions aimed at emerging talents who take part in short training schools was scheduled to perform its latest work “Broadway Bound” in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown makes that impossible.

The company are fulfilling the best of theatrical tradition by ensuring the show does indeed go on, by taking the show online as Murray Grant, director of Beyond Broadway, said: “We were determined not to let down the young performers, who were all so keen to gain a taste of featuring in a professional production. By taking The Beyond Broadway Experience online, we are exploring a form of performance that has become popular with theatres and companies in recent weeks. As the saying goes, the show must go on and we are so proud of how well the young performers and our creative team have adapted to this new way of working and rehearsing.

broadway bound 3

“Through delivering the programme online, we’re also giving the students an important focus and chance to socialise with each other, in addition to the professional tuition on which we have built our reputation.

“The cast have been put through their paces, rehearsing online and filming and recording everything themselves while in isolation. All the material has been mixed and edited and will, we hope, provide some superb entertainment for our virtual guests on Saturday night.”

The show will be broadcast at Donations by viewers are being encouraged, with proceeds to be split between the NHS and The MGA Foundation, which offers funding for those from disadvantaged backgrounds towards performing arts training opportunities.

The company are also continuing there plans for a full-scale production of “High School Musical” at the cities King’s Theatre however should theatres still not be open this too will move into the virtual realm.

broadway bound 1

Beyond Broadway are joining theatre companies up and down the country in keeping live theatre going by streaming productions via the internet. Andrew Lloyd Webbers back catalog, productions from the National Theatre Live as well as Les Misérables are now joined by local companies! While our theatres remain closed and ghost lights burning bright as we stay safe at home at least we can enjoy the best of theatre.

So why drop in tomorrow night from the comfort of your sofa and watch the next generation of performers take to the stage.!

Beyond Broadway: Broadway Bound Streaming Live, 8pm Saturday 18th April 2020 go to:


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Preview:

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

UK Tour, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 3rd to 7th March.

Inspired by the 2011 television documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16 and debuting at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in 2017, Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is the life affirming musical telling the story of Jamie New who wants to attend his high school prom in a glamourous Drag Queen outfit only to be met by Hate, confrontation from those who should love him and a new understanding of the relationship between himself and his mother.

Following an award winning transfer to the west end, a production which is still running, this year see’s the show receive its first ever UK Tour! and Jamie finally comes to Edinburgh and its beautiful Festival Theatre Edinburgh. Ahead of the opening Layton Williams who plays Jamie, fresh from his run in the Apollo Theatre, London spoke with Scotsgay Arts!


For people who are new to Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, how would you sum up the storyline?

Jamie is based on a real character who was the subject of a documentary on BBC Three. I remember watching it years ago and it was about him wanting to be a drag queen and wanting go to the school prom in a dress and how his mum Margaret supported him. When he got there there was all this hoo-hah, the teachers wouldn’t let him in, then something wonderful and unexpected happened, his school mates refused to go in without him. The basics of his story inspired the musical and it’s been given a bit of theatrical razzamatazz. Our story is about a 16-year-old boy who wants to be a drag queen and it’s about his relationship with his parents – including his dad, who he isn’t much in touch with. It’s about Jamie finding himself and his drag persona and, without giving anything away, what happens when he does eventually go to the prom.

What do you see as the key themes?

It’s about acceptance. This is a show for everyone, especially for today. It’s not just for people who are into RuPaul’s Drag Race and stuff like that. The show is about a boy finding his path in life with the help of his close relationship with his incredible mum and her unconditional love for him. She loves him exactly as he is. A dad who isn’t supportive and lots of other characters that people will be able to relate to. It’s about family, friendship, trust and support. There are so many different, relatable characters in it – [laughs] although if you identify with the dad then have a word with yourself! And there’s so much diversity in the cast. The real Jamie is white and I’m not, but that wasn’t even a question for the producers and creatives – which is so refreshing and so fab, like just ‘He’s right for the role’ and that’s how it should be. Oh, and there are high heels, high kicks, drag queens, beautiful dresses, feather boas, some fantastic songs and brilliant dancing. It really is fun, funny and fabulous with a lump in your throat and a little tear.

How important is the theme of inclusion to audiences both young and old?

Very important. I get messages from older people who have been helped by the show, whether it’s helped them come out or helped them understand their children better. It does obviously speak directly to the LGBTQ+ youth but it’s not limited to one faction. So many people can relate to being an outcast or feeling different but after seeing the show they’ll feel, to quote one of the songs, there’s a place where they belong. It didn’t happen to me personally but our director [Jonathan Butterell] said when he was doing the show in Sheffield a guy came up to him, grabbed his arm and said ‘I was Dean once’ – referring to the school bully character. Some people in the audience will maybe see the Dean character and think ‘That was me’ or they might see the dad and think ‘I was homophobic’ or they’ll go ‘Everybody is celebrating this boy here so why do I have these negative feelings?’ They might get dragged to the theatre by their girlfriends or wives, thinking ‘Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into?’ then hopefully by the end of it their hearts and minds will have been opened and their opinions on things have changed.


What challenges does the role of Jamie present?

It’s about the emotional journey he has to go on. Eight times a week I’m having an argument with this person, bonding with that one, having to cry about this, having to cry about that… The rollercoaster of emotions is a lot to navigate. Being 16 years old is hard. I remember being 16 with all those hormones and stuff. There’s the acting side of all that, then there are so many songs. I have to keep my voice tight and right. That’s the difficulty – keeping myself on top form all the time so when I get out on stage I slay it. I want people to have the best experience possible and that means I have to be in full health, make sure I’m rested and always prepared. That’s the nature of the job but that’s what makes it exciting because you put your whole self out there on stage.

Having played Angel in Rent this isn’t your first time in heels, is it?

No, it isn’t. [Laughs] The heels thing is a doddle now.

Do you know the real Jamie and have you based your performance on him?

Yes, I know Jamie Campbell, he’s a really lovely guy. I rewatched the documentary once I got the part. There a few things he does, like a few little dance moves, that I’ve put into the show. And with him as a person, I take some of his isms and personality traits. On the surface he might come across as someone who is really confident and fab and out-there, but as with lots of people you don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors. There’s so much vulnerability to him. That’s something I don’t necessarily have myself. I’m always getting notes from the director about tapping into Jamie’s vulnerability. I try to stay as true to him and his story as I can because I want to do it justice. I want everyone who comes to see the show to not just get this fierce, fully-formed teenager who’s got everything sorted because then it’d be like ‘So what’s this story about?’ If I came out in the opening number And You Don’t Even Know It like ‘Bam! I’ve got this!’ then the audience would just go ‘He seems fine, what’s the point of the story?’


Does the show resonate for you on a personal level?

Yes it does. I’m a queer boy from a council estate up North, so we have that in common. Me and my mum have had our moments in the past and sometimes on stage I’m thinking about the things we’ve been through. We always patch things up but families go through stuff. And my upbringing wasn’t rosy. As I say, I was a gay boy on a council estate and as much as I tried to hide it I had a few things coming my way. It’s not been the easiest ride but I put it into my art.

What’s your favourite musical number in the show and why?

And You Don’t Even Know It is fab because it’s the opening number and I get to sing and dance and do it all. Then I love the closing number Out Of The Darkness because I have my microphone in my hand and I feel like a real popstar.

What are you most looking forward to about taking Jamie on tour?

It’s about giving people the opportunity to see it who might not necessarily be able to because travelling to London is too expensive. When I was a musical-theatre-loving kid I couldn’t have afforded to get on a train and come to London. We’re bringing the show to a whole new audience and changing their opinions and perspectives and lives, hopefully. I know it sounds super-dramatic when you say it like that but we’re coming to their doorstep telling our story. It’s great that Shane Richie and Shobna Gulati from the West End cast are also with me.


Is there one thing you couldn’t be on the road without?

My suitcases full of outfits and things for my dressing room, like my dolls and cards full of love and my artwork. I have to put them all out so when I come into the room I feel the love and the energy.

How hard do you think it will be to say goodbye to Jamie when the tour ends?

I can’t even think about it to be honest. I’ll have been playing this part for a good year and a half and I’ve loved every single second of it. All good things have to come to an end and I’m sure there are many more amazing opportunities waiting for me in the future but this will be something I will never forget. It’s been a life-changing job.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie makes its Scottish Debut in Edinburgh but will also visit Aberdeen and Glasgow later in the year! grab those ticket before they sell out and discover just why everybody is really talking about Jamie!

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th March, for tickets go to:



Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period Preview:

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period, Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh, Preview

Acclaimed Scottish Drag Queen and performance Artist Jordy Delight returns to the Scottish Story telling Centre with a brand-new show that’s blends the hugely emotional reality of there life with their greatest creative creation.

Telling the story of Hayley, Hayley has Cystic Fibrosis and is 24 years old. Hayley has a boyfriend, and a mum that loves her very much, Hayley is going to Newcastle for a Lung Transplant Assessment. Hayley has no clue what she is doing, she just needs a little time…..

Jordy Deelight has had an incredible 2019 with residences in Edinburgh’s LGBTQI+ venues, they hosted Pride Edinburgh’s, Manchester Airport San Francisco main stage and was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary “Jordy’s 65 reasons to live” produced by Solus productions and broadcast on the BBC.

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period will continue there exploration of the arts world, brining  real life to the fore and will be an unforgettable evening of theatre, if you can learn to expect the unexpected and allow yourself to be beguiled by Delight’s Charms. Why not open your heart,  and head for the Netherbow on Saturday 18th January before the Honeymoon Period is over.

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period, Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh, Saturday 18th January, 8pm, For tickets go to


Secret Cabaret Preview

Secret Cabaret Preview:

The Secret Cabaret, The Dirty Martini at Le Monde, Edinburgh, Preview

The Dirty Martini room of Le Monde has played host to its fair share of Cabaret over the years, its gorgeous intimacy has even welcomed Broadway stars to its stage, just last year Telly Leung performed to a sell-out supper crowd.

Now musical theatre supper club cabaret returns for a monthly residence with Producer Angus Balance bringing his successful Secret Cabaret evening from Bristol to the heart of Edinburgh. The first scheduled Cabaret will take place on Sunday 12th January 2020 with a curtain up time of 18:00.

Taking to the stage will be James Dawoud, Sophie Douglas, Mimi Joffroy, Alistair MacKey, Sally Pugh and Malachi Reid and they will perform a three act cabaret featuring songs from amongst others “Rent”, “ Chicago”, “Avenue Q”, “Waitress” and current west end and Broadway smash hit “Dear Evan Hansen”.

Secret Cabaret 2

Speaking to Scotsgay arts, Angus Balance says, “ The Secret Cabaret is new monthly charity cabaret series, providing lovers of musical theatre a chance to enjoy great performances, a few surprises and to savour the ambience of the beautiful, Dirty Martini bar.”

The first charity to benefit from The Secret Cabaret is Waverley Care, Scotland’s leading charity providing care and support to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C. It’s the work that Waverley Cares does with the LGBTQI+ community that will influence the third act of the Cabaret.

Secret Cabaret 3

With Musical Staging by Louise Sables and Musical Direction by Steven Segaud this promises to be a very special evening of entertainment.

For an enchanting evening of musical theatre in gorgeous surroundings that will truly make a difference to others peoples lives, snap up those tickets and head for Dirty Martini this Sunday.

The Secret Cabaret, The Dirty Martini at Le Monde, Sunday 12th January, 6pm, For tickets go to: