ScotsGay Arts Star Ratings Explained

Star Ratings have arrived at ScotsGay Arts and will appear in reviews going forward!

We can give up to Five Stars for a production and we don’t award half stars so we can keep it nice and simple, below gives you the full break down of what our stars mean:

***** (5 Stars) = Simply a must see show! Beg, Borrow or steal to get a ticket!

**** (4 Stars) = Quality Production that shines worthy of your ticket money!

*** (3 Stars) = Not Perfect but Not the Worst, so give it go!

** (2 Stars) = Production has issues but moments sparkle that make it worth seeing!

* (1 Star) = Nothing can save this, not even a free ticket, save your money!

PLEASE NOTE: Star Ratings apply to online content only and may not appear in the Hard Copy Published Edition