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Cherry West, Debut Solo Show, Interview:

Scotland’s youngest drag queen comes of age”

Drag culture continues its major explosion on the public consciousness thanks to Ru Paul’s acclaimed Drag Race programmes from around the world as well as the plethora of Queens and King’s across Scotland working the venues day in and day out. The next generation of stars is also breaking through, none more so than Cherry West who at 15 became Scotland’s youngest working queen. Now as she approaches the ripe age of 17 she make her debut one woman show on the 10th March.

Scotsgay Arts was granted a short audience with the Red Berry of Edinburgh herself and here’s what she had to say!

(SGA Scotsgay Arts, CW Cherry West)

SGA: Your one woman show is here on the 10th of March! Ahead of asking about the show itself, what inspired you into the heels and frocks of drag at such a young age?

CW: While on holiday in 2019 on the island of Lanzarote, I went to a fabulous live drag show with two Queens bedecked in gorgeous sequined outfits. Seeing how much not only I, but my family enjoyed it really inspired me. I knew it was in me to be able to perform in drag and the journey to becoming Cherry West started there and then.

SGA: We now live in an ever more cultural world where drag can now take its place at the forefront thanks to Ru Paul’s award winning Drag Race, and its clear that also inspires you, but given the drag explosion right here in Edinburgh, what makes Cherry West unique and Stand out?

CW: I think I stand out as I work a blend of both lip synch and live vocals, and while my youth plays into that, I draw inspiration from both pop music and musical theatre and my skill set pulls audiences from across the LGBTQI+ spectrum and in Edinburgh especially those 16 and 17 year olds who can’t access the scene venues can access my performances, I have niche audience that i am to develop as i grow older.

SGA: Can you give an exclusive into what we can expect from Cherry West’s first ever one woman show?

CW: Well I am going all out on this one! The Dancers are booked, a splash of pyros and programme drawn from both Club land and Musical Theatre. I also have some very special guests joining the bill with acclaimed winner of the 2022 “Majesty” contest Skinny Minnie and Chloe Rose will be performing prior to my gorgeous self taking to the stage. I’m promising a full out show delivering plenty bang for your buck!

SGA: It clear you have a long career ahead in drag, but do you see yourself stepping out of the stockings and high heels to perform on stage as real life Sam?

CW: Before I started in drag I was in a boy band, so I have performed a lot outside of drag, and also dabbled in musical theatre, i don’t have any plans to work out of drag for the immediate future, but long term i would like to have a theatre career in musicals, everyone dreams of the west end and i also adore pantomime so would love to get into that world too.

SGA: So we know what inspired you into the world of drag, but whom and what inspires you as a performer?

CW: Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are massive inspirations to my Drag I often take little pinches of both and in my routines but do it my own way, Bianco Del Rio and Davina De Campo of Drag Race fame are also massive influences in both performance and aesthetics.

SGA: Finally! Tell us what lies ahead after the one woman show?

CW: Well the one woman show is taking up all my energies but I’m involved with so you think you can drag contest in Glasgow plus lots in the works across the central belt,  

Ms Cherry West! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with Scotsgay Arts! Have an amazing one woman debut and imp sure we will be chatting again soon! So for a fabulous night of Drag, music and special guests! Grab those last remaining tickets now!

Cherry West, One Woman Show, Friday 10th March for tickets go to:


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