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No Place Like Home, Pleasance Dome -10 Dome, Venue 23 Review:

engrossing, engaging and satisfying

***** 5 Stars

The Fringe has always been a breeding ground for every story telling style under the sun, where more than one medium can be fused together in the ultimate expression of art to tell your story. No place like home combines spoken word, music, dance and fantastic video art in Alex Roberts one man exploration of finding love in a gay club and the shattering reality of the pain that ensues when it goes wrong.

Written by Robert’s and production director Cameron Carver this is the most engrossing, engaging and satisfying hour on the festival that you will find. Robert’s catches the zeitgeist of innocence perfectly. Displaying a rare physicality that’s beguiling to watch even as things take violent turn the true radiates out in this taught as past, present and future generations of the LGBTQI+ club scene collide.

Director Cameron Carver has delivered what feels like a deeply personal project utilizing physicality and the most striking video projection I’ve seen so far at the festival, and Robert’s turns in nothing short of an award winning performance always ensuring each and every character is fully rounded and filled with a rich sense of life.

Robert’s particularly sparkles in the raw emotional moments as genuine tears fall and the audience watch on in wrapped silence its touches the soul just how good this piece of theatre is to express the human condition in us all.

Carver has executed Alex Roberts writing brilliantly and is further aided by Virginie Taylor staggering video design. Also Jac Cooper’s sound design is perfection alongside Amy Daniels lighting design. The technical elements of this show are faultless.

No Place like home is both timely and timeless, every one of us has been where Alex Roberts has been and his ability to deliver a performance full of charisma and layered is testament to his talent and with the final week of the 2022 festival upon us do what you must to get a ticket to this shining beacon of five star fringe theatre.

No Place Like Home, Pleasance Dome -10 Dome, Venue 23 for tickets go to: No Place Like Home | Theatre | Edinburgh Festival Fringe ( or direct from the venue.


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