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Making a Murderer: The Musical, Underbelly, Bristo Square, Cowbarn, Venue 302 Review:

First class cast of performers

*** 3 Stars

What happens when an acclaimed writer Phil Mealey turns his pen on the seminal Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer?” which told the very real story of the Steven Avery case. One which truly showed the flaw U.S legal system and lead to the most damming and shocking of miscarriages of justices in recorded history. What happens is you get his hour long musical loaded with potential but never truly grips the audience.

The show comes down very firmly on the side of victims that being the Avery family and uses comedy to mock the Manitowoc law enforcement. Ultimately this is an angry political satire written and delivered with passion. That said it feels very much still a work in progress and it’s clearly a show still developing its way to a full out production maybe in there lies its problem.

Running at an  hour long it’s trying to pack in a story that Netflix have dedicated over 20 hours of television too and it feels disjointed and performed at a ridiculously fast pace.  For that being said there songs are strong especially the closing number which is a shocking condemnation of the level of injustice across America and the whole production is delivered by a first class cast of performers.

It’s clear there is much potential in this show and there is going to be life for it after the festival ends as it deserves a fuller production to truly tell its story, but what we do have here is the spark of a bigger whole, a musical that while funny at times makes us think especially with the emboldened and polished performances from the cast who commit nothing less than 100% making the show hugely watchable.

The Fringe has always been the starting point for bigger and better things for many and for  Making a murder, the musical this is never truer which makes it a worth addition to anyone’s Festival diary.

Making a Murderer: The Musical, Underbelly, Bristo Square, Cowbarn, Venue 302 for tickets go to: Making a Murderer: The Musical | Musicals and Opera | Edinburgh Festival Fringe ( or direct from the venue.


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