Brett Herriot at the Festivals

Divas: From Stage to Screen, Captivate at the Rose, The Rose Theatre (Venue 76) Review:

***** 5 Stars

“the most astonishing and beautifully perfect production“

BBD Productions are truly making their mark at the 2022 Festivals with the five start Big Band Does Broadway already under there belt they have opened their second show, Divas: From Stage to Screen in their resident late-night slot and what gorgeous celebration of women it is.!

Entering the main theatre of The Rose, its candle lit and instantly transports the audience to the legendary supper clubs of New York such as the Café Carlyle and Duane Park. With Sumptuous lighting design from Keigan Hawthorn in full effect the five divine ladies, Dannielle Logan, Nicola Meehan, Rachel Flynn, Sarah Innes and Jessica Nolan are already on stage accompanied by a live all female onstage band we are simply treated to the most magnificent hour of music to be found at this year’s festivals.

Opening as an ensemble with “Let Me Be a Star” it’s clear from the off that each lady possesses powerhouse vocals and deep performance skills that holds the audience in the palm of their hands. We are taken on a journey that see’s legendary female songs from stars such as Madonna, Bette Midler, Abba, Adele, Carole King and the great goddess herself Judy Garland given a new twist. Thanks to Jonnie Grant’s outstanding musical arrangements and Musical Director Rachel Blaquiere accomplished on stage band.

It would wrong to single out a single performer as quite literally every single lady shines! Its breath taking to see such talent assembled on stage, regardless of solo spotlight moments or delivering group harmonies that send shivers down the spine, this production delivers everything and more leaving the audience totally satisfied as shown by the rousing standing ovation these Divas received as the curtain fell.

BBD Productions should be justly proud of themselves its often said the women stand in the shadow of the great roles in musical theatre and indeed have to work harder to succeed in the pop world. Unfair as it is this triumphant show readdresses the balance and make it a must see of the festival especially as the fringe enters the home straight for 2022 do you what must to grab a ticket and head to Rose for quite simply the most astonishing and beautifully perfect production you will see this season!

Divas: From Stage to Screen, Captivate at the Rose, The Rose Theatre (Venue 76) For tickets go to: or directly from the venue box office.


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