Brett Herriot at the Festivals

Marrow, Assembly Rooms George Street, Front Room, Venue 20 Review:

Taught, truthful and emotionally powerful

***** 5 Stars

Resolve Productions critically acclaimed “Marrow” returns to the festival following its original run in 2019 at The Space venues. Following a re-commission and developmental workshops at Lehman College this powerful one man hybrid play /physical theatre piece truly amplifies the extraordinary power of theatre to move its audience with one man’s journey through the darkest of times in life.

Written by Brian Quirk, Marrow tells the tale of one New York dancer as he is confronted with the horrific homophobic attack perpetrated on him leaving him struggling to communicate but his deep heartfelt love for life never leaves him and ultimately see’s him reveal the best of himself and delivers the universal message that effects all of us in the LGBTQ+ community, we won’t give in to hate, we have the right to love.

An overused adjective is “Tour De Force” but those three words truly sum up Craig Macarthur’s simply astonishing performance, flowing from the dancer to the other characters that flitter in and out Quirks taught, truthful and emotionally powerfully punching script, it feels very much an honour to spend an hour in Macarthur’s company. Not only can he perform a character with real depths but his moments with the physical theatre are just beautiful every way, fluid, flowing and entirely engrossing.

Director Melissa Firlit has created something magnificently special in the confined space of the Front Room on George Street that takes us into the depths of one man’s soul and he lays battle to find the ultimate redemptive quality in us all tats Hope.

Special mention must go to Matthew Bittner’s ethereal sound design and more so to Elaine Wong for an outstanding lighting design that pushes the venues to its very limits and takes us into the very heart of the piece itself.

Marrow strikes into the soul of us all especially in a wonderfully judged moment as Macarthur appears to break character and engage with the audience, that potent reminder that there is more that unites us that can ever hold us apart has never been more relevant and the entire production should be credited for their honesty and not holding back from there subject matter.

Without doubt Marrow is the must see play of this year’s Festival and once again typifies why it mattered so much to have the full Fringe festival return to the city. We need to see, hear and feel these stories and the unbreakable truth is Marrow will forever touch all those who see it.

Marrow, Assembly Rooms George Street, Front Room for tickets go to: Marrow | Theatre | Edinburgh Festival Fringe ( or direct from the venue.


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