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Flight, Pleasance Dome – Potterrow Plaza Venue 23 Review:

most ultimate of flights  

**** 4 Stars

Acclaimed immersive theatre company Darkfield first popped up in the fringe in 2016 with their white shipping container stationed outside Summerhall . Using the immersive technique of removing sight from its audiences and plunging them into darkness and making them rely on their other senses as they then deploy binaural sound technology that leads us on a journey deep into the soul of the mind and pitches us into a sphere of reality meets imagination.

To celebrate their return to the Fringe in 2022 Darkfield are presenting a trilogy of their works and their most immersive creation “Flight” arrives to a new home at Pleasance Dome Potterrow Plaza and entering the white shipping container you’re greeted by a complete replica of a modern passenger jet with in-flight entertainment screens and overhead lockers. You’re then invited to fasten your seat belt and pop the headset on, as the lights go out and pitch blackness envelopes your vision you take off a very bumpy flight as you question every vibration and sound in the darkness around you in the hope that this is one flight that will land safely.

This is very much a psychological but also deeply logical thrill ride that pulls on the most common of human fears and that’s fear of flying, while flying itself is statically the most safe of all forms of transport it forever holds a deep fear for many as your totally in the control of the pilots and the aircraft around you and Darkfield capitalize on this to great effect

As you exit the Container 30 minutes later blinking into the bright sunshine of the plaza your left pondering what have you just exposed yourself too? Thrilling it may be but there is a deeper truth to Darkfield’s work. We as audiences and those that perform in the arts rely totally on what can be achieved visually  and when that vision is removed we have to go on what our remaining senses are telling us and Darkfield know just how to tingle those senses and make whats clearly impossible a reality.

This is very much a grown up experience and if you’re not comfortable in total pitch blackness or have any form of claustrophobia this is not the journey for you, however if you want to reshape your view of what a Fringe performance can achieve and are willing to do battle with your own fears of flying and you don’t have to fly home after the festival ends then entering the darkness of the white shipping container and taking off on this most ultimate of flights is the one for you.

Flight, Pleasance Dome – Potterrow Plaza Venue 23 for tickets go to: Flight | Theatre | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (


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