Brett Herriot Review

Bat Out Of Hell, The Musical, Edinburgh Playhouse Review:

“A Masterpiece of Rock Musical Theatre!

***** 5 Stars

Following a triumphant run in London’s west end at both the Coliseum and the Dominion, The award winning Bat Out Of Hell finally comes to Scotland roaring into the Playhouse, it’s a glittering adult feast for the senses and a true slice of the west end live on stage.

The focus of the musical is Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf’s trilogy of Albums known as “Bat out of Hell” with book, music and Lyrics by Steinman himself. The story is a light retelling of the timeless Peter Pan. Set in post-apocalyptic Manhattan (now named ‘Obsidian’), and follows Strat (Glenn Adamson, who turns in a faultless vocal performance), the forever young leader of ‘The Lost’ who has fallen in love with Raven (Martha Kirby, who shines) daughter of Falco (Rob Fowler), the tyrannical ruler of Obsidian. It’s a battle of youth versus age and power for the right to be whom and what you are all set to a blistering rock and roll score.

This is very much an ensemble production with a 20 strong cast with everyone excelling  especially the leads and special mention must go to Killan Thomas Lefevre in the role of “Tink” there is childlike innocence to the character that transitions through the show as he comes of age as we all must and its a wonderful performance to watch.

Production wise this is pure west end theatre live on stage, Jon Bausor’s giant set towers over the Playhouse with a massive crane being the centre point of a brilliantly designed set that includes live video projection and camera work which brings a dream like quality to the show, Finn Ross’s video design is the best that’s been seen in musical theatre. Combined with Patrick Woodroffe full force rock god style lighting design and Gareth Owen’s epic sound design this is a show like no other and blows the senses with its style and outrageous rock glamour.

Director Jay Scheib has delivered a masterpiece of Rock Musical theatre, there is as strong sexual under tone to the whole piece which draws directly from the Music of Steinman and Meatloaf, and all the biggest hits are in place too from the titular “Bat out of hell” all the way through to “I would do anything for Love” and Musical Director Robert Emery and his 8 strong pit band do the score complete justice.

Bat Out of Hell the  musical has now become the epitaph of the lives of Steinman and Meat Loaf both of whom have passed away in the last year and there is no finer or fitting a tribute.  This is a musical packed with over the top glitz and glamour with epic setting and special effects.  It does however have real heart that makes it endlessly watchable.

The team at the Edinburgh Playhouse always lay claim to bring the very best of the West End to its stage and with this production they have delivered on the promise. So grab those tickets now as they are sure to be gone when the morning comes! Truly captivating musical theatre doesn’t come any bigger than this! Get to the Playhouse and Rock OUT!!

Bat Out Of Hell, the Musical, Edinburgh Playhouse, Runs until Saturday 19th February, For tickets go to:


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