Brett Herriot Review

We Belong, An In person Cabaret, The Three Sisters Review:

“Grab a ticket and discover  that you too belong at this classy cabaret.“

**** 4 Stars

Edinburgh based, Bare Productions had announced “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” as there next production in 2020, then the pandemic struck and the show never saw the stage despite trying everything possible.

Two years of pandemic restrictions later and the company of Priscilla return to the stage with a brand new In Person cabaret titled “We Belong” taking the stage of the gorgeous brand new performance space at The Three Sisters in the Cowgate.

This is a show of three twenty minute acts drawing on the theme of belonging in various forms and opens with “Showstoppers” and Rory McKeon delivers a masterful, Em Cee and take on “Willkommen” with tight choreography making the most of the space. Its sadly clear from the off that the sound on the production isn’t up to the job, with backing tracks blasting and mics too low or worse not even coming on. This talented company deserve better.  There is a sparkling moment in this first act that shines even more so because of the lack of mic, David Doherty’s emotionally honest and beautifully performed Sondheim Classic “Being Alive” sparkles in this section. There are many stars that shine in the sky and the same is true for this section of the show as Zoe Brookes channels the great divas of Broadway with a stonking take on “Don’t Rain on my Parade” this is Cabaret firing  on all cylinders and then some.

Act 2 takes us into Villainy; with a delightful gender reversed “I put a spell on you” which then gives way to the comic highlight of the night. Rachael Anderson Channelling her authentic Scottish roots with an unforgettable “Poor Unfortunate Souls” . The act concludes with a stirring take on “Master of the House” from Les Mis, which shows just what this company can do with incredible harmonies which lift in a thing of beauty around the vaulted ceilings of the Three Sisters show room.

Closing the show is an act entitled “The Yearbook” taking a snap shot of more modern musical theatre. There are very emotional moments, where performers are allowed to shine and take us into the heart of what it means and ultimately feels to belong. Darren Johnson’s performance with full company of “You will be found” from Dear Evan Hanson is truly worthy of any West end performance. The same is true of Rory McKeon who bookends the production with an awesomely good performance of “And you don’t even know it” from Everybody’s talking about Jamie. With fully choreographed backing and McKeon looking stunning in some of the highest heels to have graced the stage

With the main cabaret completed the company then charge through a four song encore of crowd pleasers that has the audience on its feet in adulation for the high quality of the performance just gone. It is interesting that “Priscilla” is consigned to a foot note with “We Belong” consigned to the backing track for the bows.

Director Dominic Lewis has well and truly delivered on the promise of the company delivering a cabaret with a Bang! It’s easy to see why the live performances are totally sold out. However it’s possible to watch the show virtually, so be sure to grab a ticket and discover that you too belong at this classy cabaret.

Bare Production present “We Belong” and in person Cabaret, The Three Sisters Edinburgh, Runs until Saturday 29th January. SOLD OUT. For virtual tickets go to:


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