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Cinderella, King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Review:

The ultimate festive treat for all the family!

***** 5 Stars

Glasgow King’s the cities most historic theatre is the undeniable home of Pantomime in Scotland’s largest city with all the Icons of panto having played the venue over its lifetime. Sitting in the auditorium you can feel the presence of legends like Rikki Fulton, Stanley Baxter, Una McLean and Gerard Kelly to name a few looming large.

Given the postponement of Panto last year there is a lot riding on Cinderella even with the continuing pandemic the now Local team of Elaine C Smith (Fairy Godmother) and Johnny Mac (Buttons) have delivered a magnificent production fitting of its title “ The Fairy Godmother of all Panto’s”.

The timeless tale of Cinderella (Tinashe Warikandwa, who gives a charming performance)who longs to find her true love in Prince Charming (the gorgeous Christopher Jordan-Marshall)but her Ugly Step sisters Clatty Patty (Angela Darcy) and Hairy Mary ( Joanne McGuinness)what the Prince for themselves. However thanks to the fairy Godmother and dedicated Buttons dreams can come true.

The casting is spot on with a faultless principal cast with special mention to Darren Brownlie who brings a couthy and world wise take as a Dandini he is the true jewel in the show! As is becoming tradition there is no dame with Elaine C Smith filling that role and it works so well, her remarkable talent allows her to create a unique connection with the audience and bond that remains ever   strong. Johnny Mac is truly a shining comedic star worthy of adding his name to the Icons that build the King’s his cheeky, childlike innocence endears him to children and adults alike.

The duty of baddie falls to the ugly sisters and Darcy and McGuinness deliver the goods getting the boo’s in the right places but never over the doing the nastiness. Warikandwa’s Cinderella is beautiful in every way and Jordan Marshall’s rugged prince charming is a winner too. The production features an eight strong company of accomplished dancers who do Jane McMurtrie’s choreography full justice.

Ian Westbrook’s set glistens; under Simon Wilkinson’s lighting the same is true of Ron Briggs costume design with specialities by Mike Coltman. Cinderella’s transformation to Princess Starlight comes complete with a flying coach thanks to the Twins FX.

Musically, this panto hits all the high notes with a plethora of pop hits mingled with the specially written score performed in style by James Dunsmore and the 5 strong King’s Theatre Orchestra.

This Cinderella has it all with stellar performances, knock out costumes, fabulous writing all wrapped up in a sprinkling of magic that proves this really is the Fairy Godmother of all panto’s a true must watch for the ultimate festive treat for all the family!

Crossroads Pantomimes present: Cinderella, King’s Theatre, Glasgow runs until Sunday 2nd January 2022 for tickets go to:

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