Brett Herriot Review

The Play That Goes Wrong, King’s Theatre Edinburgh, Review

**** 4 Stars

true comedy perfection ”

The Olivier award winning West End and Broadway comedy smash hit has been missing from the UK venues for too long thanks to the pandemic, at a time when laughter is needed more than ever, the mischief team are back in Edinburgh for the first time since there 2018 visit to the Festival theatre.

Telling the story of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society whose most recent successes include the acclaimed productions of the Lion and the Wardrobe and musical hit Cat! Are debuting their new play “The Murder at Haversham Manor” a 1920’s Murder Mystery. As the title suggests this amateur production is beset by an onslaught of calamities that ultimately ensure that the play goes wrong in a spectacularly funny manor!

Writers Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields have truly captured the heart of amdram, mixed it with split second comedy timing and visual special effects to create a little bit of belly laugh inducing theatre magic.

Tour Director Sean Turner has put together a stellar ensemble company comprised of 12 gifted comedy actors who bring to life a plethora of characters who can bumble dialog, improvise and create often physically violent comedy with ease and really makes this production shine.

Where this production truly glows is in the quickness and delivery of the comedy, simple ideas like the butler repeating his lines so often the cast go around in circles for a solid 5 minutes growing ever more frustrated as the audience are reduced to helpless laughter is pure joy to watch.

The show literally zips by at such a pace it must be the quickest 2 hours of theatre in creation as the set falls apart literally amongst exploding light bars and as the cast drink white spirit as the stage crew have lost the whiskey its true comedy perfection that will send you home from the theatre with aching limbs from the laughter. 

The decision for it to play the King’s this visit is a masterstroke, the old lady of Leven Street adds a warmth and intimacy to the production that gives it a whole new level of enjoyment. It’s clear by the curtain call speech how glad the company are to be back at work. The audiences are as luck to have them back too! The Play That Goes Wrong is a true comedy tour de force and once seen is totally unforgettable. 

Mischief Theatre Productions Present “The Play That Goes Wrong”, Kings Theatre Edinburgh, Until Sunday 7th November for tickets go to

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