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2020 Years End:

Reflecting on a year like no other:

As the hours tick away to the clock striking midnight and heralding in 2021, we as we do every year look back at the 12 months just gone. I think we can all agree 2020 is a year like no other, our arts industry and the entire world beyond it have changed beyond recognition.

Since March Theatres and arts venues across Scotland have remained closed, the Edinburgh festivals were cancelled, concerts of all shapes and sizes didn’t take place and the rebirth of Drive in Cinema became the norm. Further afield theatres did reopen in England then got caught in the yo yo of ever-changing rules and regulations from a clueless government.

The fight to secure funding to carry on is a fight far too many companies and venues have lost and most heartbreakingly it’s the vast swave of freelancers who have born the brunt. That said its also been a humbling experience to see how people view the arts and value it, the quantity of online content and the overwhelming desire that no matter what, Theatre and arts will survive and prosper once more.

We at Scotsgay Arts published our last review in March before a substantial break and introducing our Theatre vs Covid series of news items, we were truly blessed to publish a few more reviews just this month including the London palladium pantomime.

Theatre matters, The Arts Matters and the burning light of creativity will never go out, so to all those productions we did manage to review we thank you for allowing us to cover your work. To all those in the creative industries from performers to technicians and beyond, the curtain will rise once more and we are so excited to be there and see the lights come one again.

To Mary Woodward thank you for your ongoing contributions, to our readers, we wish you a Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy New Year. May 2021 truly be better for us all.

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