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Camp As Christmas, Bare Productions Virtual Review:

Camp As Christmas,

*** 3 Stars

“Frothy Festive Fun“

Edinburgh based Bare Productions were scheduled to perform “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” at this years Edinburgh Fringe but this has been put back to Fringe 2021, meantime the cast have gathered for a virtual festive offering.

Hosted by “Jovid” Jo and David are bringing us some camp festive nonsense with sketches, interactive challenges interspersed between cast members singing festive tunes drawn from the world of Musicals, Film, and Pop.

After the introductions and a charming performance of “Let It Snow” by Rebecca Drever, the first challenge is watching our hosts devour an entire chocolate advent calendar, watching someone shovel chocolate into themselves is not the most thrilling thing to watch and the build up to revealing who won said challenge takes a tad too long.

An Interactive dance challenge is next up, which will allow audiences to vote for the best “Priscilla Inspired” dance routine. This challenge is cascaded across the entire broadcast which does add a nice sense of freshness that outstrips many other online offerings.

The company’s youngest member Luke Murray is next up with sweet performance of “Last Christmas” Luke has a strong voice for his years and great presence on screen which hopefully bolds well for his stage performances. “Jovid” are they tasked with recreating a scene from “Love Actually” which does deliver some funny lines in amongst the pathos.

The Sketch from the three actors playing Tick, Adam and Bernadette in Priscilla is shrewdly judged with laughs aplenty and is seriously very adult and all the better for it! Just watch those Aussie Accents!

Closing out the first act of the virtual offering is Charlotte Jones with a full throttle and big voiced “ All I Want for Christmas is you.” It is a powerhouse performance that really Hits those big notes and brings the curtain down on Act 1 in style.

Following a 10-minute interval that features adverts from businesses that’s support Bare Productions is into Act 2 and Performance of “Driving Home for Christmas” by Darren Johnson a naturally gifted vocalist who brings the right sense of festive charm to the number.

What follows is more anarchic sketches from “Jovid” accompanied by further updates from the “Dance Challenge”. A second challenge is opened for a Ru Paul inspired Lip Sync battle, set to East 17’s festive favourite “Stay” its gonna be a close run challenge to get a winner.

After more challenges, we get the final performances in the dance challenges after which its time to vote with the results announced via social media. Closing out the virtual festive romp is Zoe Brookes who gives a beautiful rendition of Have Yourself a “Merry Little Christmas”. With a voice that touched by warmth and honey its an emotional performance with just the right mix of runs and riffs. A truly lovely end to virtual performance.

Over all its pure Frothy Festive Fun with a warm heart at its centre, however the links could be tightened up to shorten the overall length and technically if all the contributors had filmed in “Landscape” it would have given the overall product a smoother finished. That said you cant help but be charmed by this offering and its worth every penny of the five pounds! So why not pop online for a festive treat.

Bare Productions present, Camp as Christmas, for tickets go to:

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