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Perfect Forth Debuts :

Captivating Acapella Magic:

Normally at this time of year Edinburgh based Captivate Theatre Company would be mid rehearsals for there annual Edinburgh Fringe programme. In 2019 that programme saw over ten productions take to the stage ranging from Children’s Shakespeare shows, to dramatic plays and of course there renowned repertoire of full scale musicals.

Sadly, the ongoing pandemic as seen the closure of the entire theatrical industry, however some of those talented onstage performers from Captivate have joined with Acapella graduates to form a new wing of Captivate. Perfect forth is now officially entering the musical landscape and have released there first song and video.

The vocal group have chosen “If I could turn back time” the 1989 Cher classic taken from heart of Stone album. The song with lyrics and music by Diane Warren revived Cher’s career and sent into the stratosphere and in a twist of fate Cher herself did not like the song when she was first introduced to it.

Perfect Forth bring a rich vocal harmony to there take on the song thanks to the moving and inspired musical arrangement by Colum Findlay and warm and emotional lead vocal from Jess Nolan this is truly a fresh take on a modern classic.

The company have confirmed that this release forms part of a 21-song collection so there are many more videos and performances to come. Hopefully when restrictions allow the company will take to the stage. A company spokesperson said “ Here it is! Our debut release and only the first in a twenty-one-song project we are have been working for the past few months. We hope you enjoy this video and the many other exciting releases heading your way soon.”

perfect forth 2

The current Perfect forth company consists of: Soprano’s  Nadya Albertsson, Iona Thomson, Mezzo-Soprano’s Ailish Barry, Jess Nolan and Sasha Wood, Alto’s Emma Laing, Laura Preston and Erin Bowden, Tenor’s Oliver Payne, Colum Findlay, Baritone’s Lewis Kerr, Robbie Small, Bass David Ragg. The company is joined by George Stokes Vocal Percussionist.

With a debut as strong as this one, the only way is up for Perfect Forth so be sure to keep in touch with them as more performances come online hopefully they wont have to turn back time to long before they make there stage debut.

Perfect Forth can be found on Facebook, Instagram and via Youtube.  

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