Interabang Productions, Scene to Seen:

Scene to See

Acclaimed Scottish theatre and film Production company Interabang are celebrating a remarkable first year in the creative industry, a year that has seen them garner 4 and 5 stars for their innovative showcase of home grown talent through there hit production of self-written shows including “Being Liza” and “Toast” both of which have enjoyed revivals of there original productions at the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh.

To celebrate their 1st Anniversary the company will launch “Scene To Seen” – a digital series offering  new writing monologues and duologues, shot in isolation with signature high production quality and post-production editing. The Series will comprise  6 weekly videos, premiering on 2nd July 7PM LIVE on the companies Facebook @weareinterabang. Each video will be roughly 8-10 minutes long and will include captioning and one of the episodes will feature full BSL.

FiRST SCENE: PERMANENT SCAR by Rachel Flynn the  premiere video is a monologue called Permanent Scar written by Rachel Flynn, directed, and edited by Ryan Dewar and performed by River City’s Cameron Fulton. The company are exciting to showcase how scenes were filmed in nightclub cutaways during lockdown combined with Cameron’s storytelling.

The Series then continues for the following 6 weeks all Directed by Ryan Dewar and produced by Rachel Flynn. The company are aware of the plethora of free online theatre during the ongoing close down of the Theatre industry due to Covid and will be encouraging online donations via: And are determined to value the skill and hard work of our creatives by asking audiences to support artists with a financial contribution at a time which is particularly difficult for us all.

Once the series ends there are big plans in the pipeline for this innovative company including a return to the Theatre, this is a company to keep your eyes on, for now enjoy Scene to Seen!


Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @weareinterabang

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