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Dance Horizons, Innovations Change of Platform:

Dance Horizons, Innovations Platform

As the arts industry continues to feel the ongoing effects of the current restrictions that sees Theatres and performance venues until the end of June at the earliest. Companies across the country are busy rescheduling dates were possible and we urge you to keep an eye on individual websites for full details on the ever-changing situation.

Edinburgh based dance company Dance Horizons had planned to stage their annual Innovations Platform in Edinburgh’s The Studio on 1sr May and was rescheduled to 18thJuly. However, given that theatres may well not be open even July the company have announced a new date set in the autumn.

Innovations was initiated with the ambition of championing creative innovation within the field of contemporary dance. Opening doors for dance artists and companies at all stages in their career as a catalyst for presenting their work to new audiences.

Innovations have held platforms annually since 2014 presenting eclectic and diverse programmes by artists from the UK and abroad. 2018 saw the platform open its first Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edition, giving artists the opportunity to present their work in the heart of the biggest cultural and arts festival on the planet.

The platform is currently programmed on a seasonal basis at Capital Theatres in Edinburgh in combination with a series of micro-platforms and events as part of other UK festivals. Innovations is produced by Dance Horizons, Edinburgh and benefits from an industry board made up of currently working dance makers, choreographers and organisations to continue the platforms work in supporting the wider dance ecology.

To date, the platform has presented over 7 editions of works by more than 14 dance makers and companies at various stages of their professional careers.

Speaking to company CEO Oliver Anwyl he said “We extend our sincere gratitude to the dedicated team at Capital Theatres for their ongoing support and guidance to artists, companies and producers as the effects of the pandemic rip through our already fragile industry. It has been a turbulent time for small organisations and independent artists but the resilience of our industry will persevere and we will be back, stronger than ever”

The spring Dance platform will now be staged on Saturday 31st October 2020, followed closely by the winter edition on 28th November both of these performances return to The Studio Theatre and will feature the same programme as previously announced including Company Concentric, London. Peter Twyman Dance Company from Edinburgh. Stefano Neri from Italy and Lost Movement Company, from the Netherlands

Let’s hope these are the dates to see the best of Dance from across Europe.

For tickets go to:

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