Brett Herriot Review

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Review:

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, 

**** 4 Stars

A riot of a slapstick comedy that is brilliantly judged “

Mischief Theatre returns to its birthplace of Edinburgh bringing the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society with there new production of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. The charming story of the boy who never grew up. With a pumped-up budget and brand-new set design, this promises to be an epic night of theatre, just as long as it doesn’t go wrong in the most calamitous of ways!

This riot of a slapstick comedy is brilliantly judged from writers Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, it blends the classic peter pan story with that of the local amdram company who try as they might just can seem to get things to go right.

It works of course because of the ten strong ensemble who are so tight they all shine equally, in what is an extremely physical show, where slapstick its taken to the extreme it’s a wonder no one is really injured as performers plunge from the flying wires, sets collapse, explosions erupt, and the turntable spins faster that the electric meter that’s powering the entire theatre.

Director Adam Meggido really explores the world of amdram with great details and ramps it up with beautifully judged comedy that bizarrely is mostly family friendly and he and his team come up with ever inventive ways of making carnage strike in the most spectacular and unexpected of ways.

This production is clearly a team effort and what a journey it’s had from the Pleasance during the Fringe festival, to London, the world beyond and “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” even enjoyed a BBC adaptation broadcast in 2016. It’s a remarkable achievement from a small company that blossomed in the heart of the biggest arts festival in the world.

Peter Pan is one of many “Mischief Theatre” productions and is arguably its strongest because its based on such a classic tale and this particular show blends the slapstick with pantomime and ensures the audience who have made there way to the festival theatre on an ice cold winters night leave with a belly full of laughs and there ticket money well spent.

Let’s hope this company never grows up and continues delivering the laughs in style.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Runs until Sunday 16th February for tickets go to:

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