Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period Preview:

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period, Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh, Preview

Acclaimed Scottish Drag Queen and performance Artist Jordy Delight returns to the Scottish Story telling Centre with a brand-new show that’s blends the hugely emotional reality of there life with their greatest creative creation.

Telling the story of Hayley, Hayley has Cystic Fibrosis and is 24 years old. Hayley has a boyfriend, and a mum that loves her very much, Hayley is going to Newcastle for a Lung Transplant Assessment. Hayley has no clue what she is doing, she just needs a little time…..

Jordy Deelight has had an incredible 2019 with residences in Edinburgh’s LGBTQI+ venues, they hosted Pride Edinburgh’s, Manchester Airport San Francisco main stage and was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary “Jordy’s 65 reasons to live” produced by Solus productions and broadcast on the BBC.

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period will continue there exploration of the arts world, brining  real life to the fore and will be an unforgettable evening of theatre, if you can learn to expect the unexpected and allow yourself to be beguiled by Delight’s Charms. Why not open your heart,  and head for the Netherbow on Saturday 18th January before the Honeymoon Period is over.

Jordy Delight: The Honeymoon Period, Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh, Saturday 18th January, 8pm, For tickets go to

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