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CHER, Here We Go Again, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Review

CHER, Here We Go Again, 

***** 5 Stars

“The Icon Turns Back Time !”

After 325 farewell performances in 2014 and then 49 more, the iconic legend is back at the age of 73 for one final roll of the dice and maybe she really does mean to say farewell with the “Here we go again tour”

Everything about Cherilyn Sarkisian known to the world as Cher defines the words living legend, a pop and rock music goddess, an award-winning actress, there is nothing that she hasn’t be able to turn golden in a career that’s spans 55 years and counting.

This production is pure Cher at her very best, bedecked in sumptuous costumes, backing dancers, dazzling lighting design, aerial acrobatics, and giant video screens that document Cher’s career across the decades.

Opening with “Woman’s World” Cher enters flying high above the stage in shimmering blues from her wig to her frock, landing on stage and bursting into “Strong Enough” and showing the years don’t slow her down, she joins in the polished chorography with her dance troupe.

Then in a break from tradition, Cher goes into a 10-minute conversation with her audience, telling the story of David Letterman and the many luminaries she has met in her life. It was fascinating but perhaps not well judged as it became obvious some of the audience were there for the music and not the anecdotes. However, as she revelled in saying how old she is and then asked the audience, so tell me, what is your gran doing tonight? With that she turned and delivered an explosive extravaganza from illustrious back catalog.

“all or nothing” “the beats go on” bring the 60’s back to life with Cher in a jewel encrusted pink pant suit looking as fresh in 2019 as she did in 1965. Then the most touching and emotional moment of the show occurs as thanks to modern technology is able to duet one more time with Sonny Ono on “I got you babe” a wonderful moment indeed.

The show then plows through 70’s disco, the hits “the shoop shoop song”, “ walking in Memphis” all make an appearance. Cher’s latest album a tribute to abba is covered well along with the platinum blonde look she adopted for the film Mamma Mia 2.

So how does an icon and legend bring to a close her third and very possibly her last farewell tour? The answer is simple, you turn back time and believe in life after love. Glad in skin tight cat suit, leather boots and jacket and the worlds biggest perm wig Cher defies age and blasts “If I could turn back time” with such energy, the hydro literally shakes in its wake, a rock classic that will truly stand the test of time.

All that’s left is one last quick costume change and what must be Cher’s greatest pop hit, “Believe” with a stunning light show and performance power that would put x factor winners and rejects to shame, its all over, Cher stands triumphant and basks in the glow of her achievements.

If this really is the final farewell those in the Hydro must count there blessing for they were there, and basked in the glory! Thank you Cher! For a memory that will live forever we can only hope you turn back time just once more.

CHER! Here We Go Again Tour, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Run Ended.

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