Brett Herriot Review

Toast, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, Review:

Toast by Benjamin Storey

**** 4 Stars

Emotionally honest journey that touches the heart”

Interabang Productions return for the second week of the Formation festival with another new piece of writing, telling the story of Joe (Benjamin Storey) a man whose passion in life is music and his girlfriend Mel (Rachel Flynn). There life in the post millennial world is shattered when faced with a terminal diagnosis that forces them to not only confront morality but legacy, what do we leave behind when life has hardly begun?

There is much depth and honesty in Storey’s writing which harnesses the kitchen sink drama but stays clear of becoming too soap opera and its all hangs on two wonderful and beautifully judged performances from Flynn and Storey who bring a rich understanding of the emotions that their characters are facing its gripping and taught at moments yet sprinkled with enough laughter to lighten the mood.

Director Ryan Alexander Dewar delivers a finely judged play which is beautifully lit and ensures we are drawn into the living room of this Edinburgh flat like flies on the wall given the opportunity to experience an emotionally honest journey that touches the heart.

There were some niggles production wise especially with Microphones that had interference all the way through the play but it didn’t distract from the story and its issues that can easily be sorted.

Performance wise both Storey and Flynn excel, especially during the emotional moments where they confront the reality of the situation they find themselves in, its that deep sense of truth that sets this play in a league of its own.

There will be life for “Toast” after the run ends, and Interabang productions are clearly striving to create a unique platform for both new writing and performers whilst delivering high production values.

For now get along to the Assembly Roxy and check out “Toast” a play that will truly touch your heart.

Interabang productions present “Toast”, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, Runs until Sunday 7th July, for tickets go to:



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