Brett Herriot Review

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Theatre Royal, Newcastle, Review:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 

**** 4 Stars

The Greatest Show on Earth!”

The Theatre Royal’s dream team of Danny Adams, Clive Webb and Chris Hayward mark their 12th year of creating  magic in Newcastle’s biggest pantomime by straying away from the classic titles like Cinderella and Aladdin and tackling the less well know and further less performed Goldilocks and the Three Bears but they succeed in creating a unique spectacle of fun and razzmatazz.

Goldilocks as a story on its own won’t sustain an entire pantomime so the entire story is transposed to the Circus, this is the tale of Haywards “Dame Rita Rington” owner of Rington’s Circus with Goldilocks (Laura Evans) as her daughter joined by Danny the Clown (Adams) who longs to be the star of the show and win Goldilocks love, coupled with Rita’s husband The Ringmaster ( Webb). They have a winning non-animal circus, but the bills are stacked high and they face ruin unless the star of the show can bring in the audiences. They come across the bears during a walk through the Forrest. These are special bears they can talk and when the Evil Baron Von Vinklebottom (Steve Arnott) wants them for his evil animal circus.

The Story frame is contrived and a little weak, but it allows Adams and Webb (both circus performers out with panto season)  to truly shine at what they do best. Also, Adams takes a step back and doesn’t fully lead the panto, but the entire company come together for an ensemble show.

The big flying effects are also given a rest this year and are replaced by some incredible Circus acts from around the world including The Great Juggling Alfio who is rather gorgeous and presents both two juggling acts that are breath taking alongside his Acrobatic Pole Act. He is joined by the Skating Medini who will blow you away with their skill. The final circus act is the petrol fuelled madness that is the Berserk Riders that has the Audience gasping in wonders.

Michael Potts returns as “The Idiot” an act that seemed tired last year but in Goldilocks fits in well and Potts has truly upped his game and injected real comedy acting into his routine this Year. As the show gets into high gear, Danny Adam’s once again raises the bar with nerve jangling walk on the high wire and demonstrates why he is leading superstar in panto and he will be driving the Theatre Royal panto for years to come.

This year also see’s a gorgeous and inventive Set from Ian Westbrook that sparkles under Ben Cracknell’s lighting design that see’s the entire auditorium decked out in festoons. Award Winning director Michael Harrison has as special place in his heart for Newcastle and always ensure the very best production for his home town before he sets off to direct the London Palladium. For a fun, fast paced and unique panto book those tickets now for the Greatest Show on Earth.

Qdos presents Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Theatre Royal Newcastle, Runs until Sunday 20th January 2019 for tickets go to:

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