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Bram Stoker’s Dracula Kings Theatre Edinburgh, Review

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Kings Theatre Edinburgh, Review:

**** 4 Stars

Visually Stunning Chiller!”

Hard as it is to believe its 124 years since Bram Stoker’s greatest creation the Count Dracula first made its literary debut with numerous film and stage adaptations including the Francis Ford Coppola acclaimed movie of 1992.

In a brand new multi-sensory production from the Touring Consortium Theatre Company. The Count is back telling the tale of the evil blood sucking Vampire that wants to purge himself on the world no matter the cost and the battle by Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Doctor Seward to rid the world of Dracula once and for all that forms the story of this production.

This is a production which shines for its innovative staging and special effects but is pulled down by the unbalanced quality of the performances. Jessica Webber as “Lucy” becomes a screaming creature that’s very hard to care for especially as Glen Fox chilling “Count Dracula” sinks his fangs into her. In a clever twist on the norm Renfield becomes “Lady Renfield” and Cheryl Campbell gives a tour de force performance of the possessed old dear willing to do the bidding of her evil master.

With a stunning set design from Sean Cavanagh that imbues all the locations from Whitby to the Carpathian Mountains added to wonderfully by Ben Cracknell’s sharp, mysterious and often terrifying lighting design. The show also comes alive thanks to the surround sound landscape and music of Paul Ewing. Special mention must also go to Cleo Pettitt’s Costume Design that is perfectly on point in transporting us back over a century ago.

Pushing the boundaries of stage craft is Ben Hart (a regular visitor to Edinburgh during Fringe season) who produces a plethora of stage illusions through out the production and the finale to act 1 takes the breath away and is a moment of pure west end drama at its very best.

Director Eduard Lewis has mined Jenny King’s adaptation of this classic to eek out every blood curdling moment to it’s full potential and with the ornate splendour of Edinburgh’s Kings theatre adding to the sense of grandeur and mystery it’s a highly fitting and entertaining production for Halloween week.

With the Kings hosting its only Scottish Dates this is one chiller of a play well worth catching.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, King’s Theatre, Edinburgh until Saturday 3rd November, For Tickets go to:

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