The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell, Preview:

The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell, Preview:

What is the point of this stupid, painful life if not to be honest? If not to stand up for what is in the core of one’s being?’ Alternating between 1958 and 2008, The Pride examines changing attitudes to sexuality, looking at intimacy, identity and the courage it takes to be who you really are. Following three complex characters, we see how different their lives could have turned out had they been born 50 years earlier or later, and what can be learnt from their various struggles – even today.

The Pride premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2008, and won an Olivier Award, the Critics’ Circle Award for Most Promising Playwright and the John Whiting Award for Best New Play.

the pride

Different Works are staging this new production to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the play’s premiere and is being performed in conjunction with Pride Edinburgh weekend – as both a celebration of progress and poignant history lesson of the struggles many LGBTQI+ people and their allies have faced over the years.

Scotsgay Arts was invited to a sneak preview performance of act 1 and it’s a true powerhouse play with 4 exceptionally gifted actors. The story as it unfolds truly brings into the focus the very fine line between homosexuality and accepting one’s self and the destructive power of homophobia. This is a story that goes beyond love but into the human condition and makes us focus on the journey of the LGBTQI+ movement over the last 60 years, although the play spans 1958 -2008 its moral is as relevant now as it’s ever been.

This is a starkly honest story and some of the scenes will upset and with coarse language it does challenge the viewer but be assured this a Challenge that’s worth the watching. Its timing is also fitting as Edinburgh celebrates its diversity with its annual Pride event, taking time to reflects how far we have come and just how much further we have to go is vitally important and The Pride delivers that in a powerful and emotional way, truly engaging theatre so don’t miss out grab those tickets now.

Different Works presents “The Pride” by Alexi Kaye Campbell, Roxy Assembly, Edinburgh Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th June. For tickets go to:

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