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FCTT becomes Capital Theatres

FCTT becomes Capital Theatres, Edinburgh Arts News:

To many the name Festival City Theatres Trust doesn’t mean much but it’s the charity and back ground organization which has until today over seen the operation of Edinburgh’s Kings, Festival and studio Theatres. However the name and brand is changing to Capital Theatres.

As a working charity its often gone un-noticed and the change of name to “Capital Theatres” the organisation will create a unifying and overarching brand that will become recognised with partners, locally, nationally and internationally.


Chief Executive Duncan Hendry says: “We feel this name change will simplify the organisational name, will establish a recognisable brand that our customers can relate to and make it easier for us to communicate our charitable and educational ambitions”

The rebrand as Capital Theatres will be supported by a refreshed brand identity for the Festival Theatre, The King’s Theatre and The Studio. The new brand identity for the Festival Theatre reflects its contemporary façade and the grand sweep of its public spaces. The new King’s Theatre identity pays homage to the buildings iconic outline and its rich cultural heritage, and the frame of the Studio logo suggests the flexibility of a white box where anything is possible.


Renaming as Capital Theatres will also assist with fundraising for the King’s Theatre. In 2017, the organisation announced its plans for a £25million redevelopment project of the King’s, with construction work expected to start in the autumn of 2021 and with a proposed closure period of 20 months. This project will transform the theatre into an accessible, lively all-day arts venue with new spaces created for hospitality and for learning and heritage activities.

With a new website address and social media handles and new direction the Capital Theatres look set to ring in the changes and face up to the future ahead as well as embracing its rich heritage and its truly a brand befitting of Edinburgh’s much-loved venues.



Capital Theatres, Incorporating the Kings Theatre, The Festival Theatre and The Studio. Twitter @captheatres Facebook: Capital Theatres, Edinburgh.

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