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Cinderella, Kings Edinburgh, Review

Cinderella, Kings Theatre, Edinburgh, Review:

***** 5 Stars

“Pure Panto Perfection!”

Its 111 years since Cinderella was first performed at the historic Kings Theatre and its become beloved as the Fairy Godmother of all Pantomimes and this year’s production is truly the greatest panto in all the land.

The King’s is truly enjoying a golden age of pantomime which is down to the magic that is Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott, by embracing the rich heritage of panto that oozes from the walls of the kings and blending it with up to date panto writing this is truly a Cinderella for the ages!

Opening with “Stott’s” evil besom of a wicked stepmother who silences the boos with a stealthy “I ken where youse live!” He has never looked better in the inspired black frocks and huge wigs and is totally on top form through out never breaking character and this year he is aided and abetted by his ugly daughters Ruth (Clare Gray) and Nicola (Still Games Maureen Carr) in series of wickedly over the top costumes it’s all perfect pairing of evilness.

The show really gets going with the arrival of Allan Stewarts “Fairy May” who literally flies onto stage in shower of sparks! And powers into Whitney’s “I wanna Dance with Somebody” resplendent in fairy wings and costumes that befit his “Aunty May” character. Stewart is rightly noted as the best dame in Scotland and that title is secured as he waves true panto dame magic across this production.

Entering the fray on a Segway, Andy Gary’s “Buttons” is pure comic genius utilizing just one word “Fall” and leaves the audience in hapless stiches it’s all brilliance in motion and Gray never lets up even if he does forget to bring on a required prop, it just goes to prove its live theatre.

This Cinderella blends traditional panto routines such as “The Wall” and “If I were not upon the stage” with modern sketches involving the boys lip synching songs to hilarious effect its panto firing on all Cylinders!

With a stunning set from Ian Westbrook that glitters under Matt Clutterham’s Lighting design, the set and costumes also include items from last years critically acclaimed production at the London Palladium, this is a production that truly has the sparkle of the west end about it none more so than in the spectacular transformation scene at the end of act 1 that see’s jaws drop throughout the theatre and its worth the ticket price all on its own!

With spot on musical choices from Andy Pickering’s hard-working king’s orchestra, a warehouse full of costumes, special effects galore and performances that have never been better this is a pantomime that’s impossible to leave without smiling and fully getting your monies worth from.

Cinderella at the kings is indeed pure panto perfection and messers Stewart, Gray and Stott better start thinking now how to top it all in next years announced, “Beauty and the Beast” for now, however, beg, borrow or steal a ticket to the hardup hall and quite simply the best panto in all the land.

Qdos Presents “Cinderella”, Kings Theatre, Edinburgh, Runs until Sunday 21st January 2018 Tickets from £17 go to


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